Name M.B. Hansa Singh
Phone 604-880-6000
Mobile 604-773-8508
Fax 888-885-8971
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Address 252 -5489 Byrne Road
City Burnaby BC
Country Canada
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Let Experience Represent You

Experienced Realtor since 1985
Experienced Builder for over 30 years
Experienced Home Inspector
Experienced Mortgage Broker

Experience = Results

With my vast experience in the Construction and Home Inspection industry, I am able to provide a service very few realtors could. For Buyers, I could see beyond the emotions and advise accordingly.

For Sellers, I go beyond the listing and provide a FREE home assessment and evaluation that could save you thousands in negotiations.

We give the following Complementary services to Qualified Sellers:

1) Complementary Staging*

2) Complementary Pre Home Inspection*

3) and more.....Please ask for details

This is probably the most expensive long term investment most people make. Why leave it to chance.

Let Experience Represent You.

Some Conditions apply