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                              BUYING OR SELLING

The biggest and most important question for most people is, who do I choose to represent me? 

They ask a neighbour, friend or family member which is a Good start! But it is still confusing.

The answer is really simple, find a Real Estate Agent who has multiple experiences in all aspects of the real estate industry. Buying and Selling in this HOT MARKET appears to be simple, but are you getting all you deserve.

In this HOT MARKET, quick decisions have to be made in an instant which, when done in haste or with emotions usually ends up with Buyers and Sellers REMORSE.


                                     4 IN 1
  Sell with Confidence    /       Buy With Confidence

REALTOR (1985)
   33 Years
             30 + Years   
           1                   2            3                      4

1) Experienced Realtor = Knowledgable Negotiator

2) Experienced Builder* = Construction Awareness

3) Experienced Home Inspector*  =  Construction Detail Oriented

4) Experienced Mortgage Broker* =  Mortgage Guidance


This is what I offer my clients when BUYING, but not limited too:

1) As an Experienced Real Estate Professional, I have seen and heard it all. This is where you could get a fair deal and save or pay too much. Directly or indirectly. Its all in the negotiations.

2) As an Experienced BUILDER, I could read a building from a distance. As I walk through the building, I could tell from the squeake, deflections etc., if there is an unseen problem. 

I look at the building material used and could very quickly give an opinion as to the quality of the construction.

I know the questions to ask.

3) With my Home Inspection Experience, I could tell very quickly if a building has potential problems or not.

4) With my Mortgage Broakers experience, I could give guidance on how to save on payments etc..

When making an offer, My Clients are Knowledgeable as to what they are Buying. This saves time and surprises.

This is a small sample of what I include in my services. 


I take all the headache and worries away from my sellers. I GUARANTEE that it would be a worry free experience. 

1) After the listing is signed, my marketing team gets to work. Advertising, photography, staging etc., etc.

2) Beyond the PDS (Property Disclosure Statement) I personally assess anything that could come up in negotations before hand. I put on my different hats and assess potential subjects from buyers. 

3) If necessary, I could recommend skilled workers to do minor or major repairs if needed. We have in our company an accrediated list of tradespeople. I look after everything.

4) We do not wait to advertise your home. We have a list of potential prequalifies buyers in our database. International and Local.

The above is a small sample of a long list of what I do to make sure that you get the best price for your property with no STRESS for you.

Call me at anytime and let my Combined Experience Represent you. 

                                EXPERIENCE = RESULTS

* Advice is for guidance and does not take the place of Professional Disciplines. 


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